An Intimate Ceremony I’ll Never Forget

I met Stacy and Sev on their wedding day. As a wedding photographer meeting your couple for the first time is a very important meeting. It’s a time to interact and engage the couple’s dreams and desires for their perfect day. I love getting to know my couples because it plays a major role in how I can serve them to the best of my ability all while having fun doing it!!


To say the current medical crisis in our world changed a lot of our “normal” processes is an understatement. From cancelations to rescheduling and refunds, it has been far from easy to navigate and I bet you have experienced this change in big ways as well. For me, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to be open to doing things in a more creative way. It started with a mandate to host gatherings less than 100 and that number continued to decrease by the day. It was a Thursday night when a friend reached out to me in desperate search to find someone to capture her cousins wedding day that following Monday afternoon. They had their beautiful wedding planned for May and decided they would rather not wait and go ahead with getting married. I was available and did not hesitate to say yes. I remember the stress that comes with planning a wedding from my own 8 years ago and cannot imagine the stress that would come with planning a wedding during this season of COVID19.


I could tell that though this situation was definitely not idyllic nor what they had imagined for their wedding day, Stacy and Sev made the most out of it and focused on what mattered most, their marriage. I completely marveled at their gracious character that ensued from this type of testing.


Immediately after committing to capturing their wedding ceremony (with strict social distancing and immediate family only) I reached out to a local string player to join in and provide music for them. It was so amazing to later find out the original plans for their wedding day included a strings player that could no longer serve them with their new wedding date. Once Monday came (4 days later) I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace. I enjoyed styling their details with the basics. The rings, the dress, the flower and the shoes (and boy were they pretty). Their ceremony was intimate and breathtaking. Their isle was lined with candles and comfortable seating for their most important people. They truly embodied the meaning of Joy and happiness amidst the chaos around them. I hope when they look back and reminisce over all the details and change, they will laugh and remember all the beauty they reflected.


When Stacy and Sev said their vows and after hearing more of their story (because it was the first time I had heard it since we had just met) I rejoiced in the opportunity to be there to witness it. It was a complete honor for me to be the person to help them document such a special moment in their lives that they will be able to share for a lifetime.


Here are some of my absolute favorite images from their day!


“I think everything came together exactly how it was supposed to. When I first realized that our original plans would have to be changed, I was rather upset. I’d worked hard to put everything together in the midst of my last semester of nursing school and it was hard for me feeling like all of that had gone to waste. Our new date was set for March 23, over a month closer than our original date, and the days leading up to it were hectic, but we felt so blessed by the support and help we received from friends and family in the process. We were able to find a wonderful new photographer, Danielle, who was so easy to work with and took photos we will treasure forever, as well as a new venue, caterer, and even a cellist. I did feel stressed and like I was scrambling around the days before, but when the day finally arrived I was filled with peace, as I knew that things fit together in the exact way they needed to. I admitted to myself that this was probably the plan all along, and though I didn’t know why, I was able to embrace the flurry of events that welcomed our wedding day much earlier than our original plan. In such a time of uncertainty and fear, I had no doubt on March 23rd that this was supposed to be our wedding day and that every person that needed to be there was.”




Vendor Highlight:

Venue: Bayleaf Baptist Church

Bridal Engagement Ring & Wedding Band: Brilliant Earth

Groom Wedding Band: CMI Jewelry

Bridal Gown: New York Bride & Groom Raleigh

Groom Suit: Nordstrom

Florals: Wedideas- Etsy

Ceremony Music: Sandhill Strings

Cake: Edible Art- North Hills

Caterer: Casa Cubana


And so their story began, I can’t wait to see the rest unfold!


  1. Emily says:

    Danielle, thank you soooo much from the mother of the bride! The images you captured are breathtaking! God prepared your heart to be a part of this very special day ❤️

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