Top 5 Tips to Prepare for your Newborn Session

I cannot tell you how much JOY that fills my soul when I am invited into the sweet time in your lives as you welcome your precious new baby! I consider it one of the highest honors. I love getting to help you document this precious time as they grow and transform your lives daily and become their own little person!

One of my most frequently asked questions is: How can I best prepare for my session with you?

My answer is: don’t sweat!! With all the newness that comes with adding a little human to your lives, I GOT YOU! 🙂 Here are my Top 5 most helpful tips!


  1. Mama needs to feel comfortable and beautiful! It is so important to remember that the following weeks after giving birth, you may still have reservations on taking photos, but DON’T- you just brought life into this world and you are a ROCKSTAR! When selecting your outfit, make sure you feel beautiful. You can wear a cozy maxi dress or jeans and a cute blouse either way, simple is great!
  2. Less is MORE 🙂 I know it can be very hard trying to figure out the best outfit for your new baby to wear for their first photoshoot, but remember onesies and small bows are perfect. I always suggest a cute swaddle blanket to help them feel nice and secure. If you are dressing siblings, try and find complementing colors that bring dimension to your photos. I suggest using two neutral colors (grey, white, ivory, camel, or navy) and add one or two colors in addition. Try and avoid colors like bright orange and red as they tend to reflect onto your skin. Always remember, Always ask me if you need help!!
  3. Keep your home nice and warm to help your new baby to be able to relax and be able to give you those sweet sleepy images! To help with this, I suggest keeping your house at around 75 degrees (I know sorry it can get warm, I always can tell myself as I move around during the session too ;)) Trust me it does help!
  4. Feed your baby as close to our session time as possible. I always allow for time to change and feed during our time together, but it does help to get the most time out of our session if they are nice and full!
  5. Relax. There can be so many new things that you can be overwhelmed with but I don’t want your session with me to be one of them! I am HERE FOR YOU! And can see all the hard work you are putting in with little sleep and you are doing AMAZING!!


I hope you find these tips helpful and cannot wait to join you in this exciting season in your lives!!! Here are some images to help you see how implementing these tips can make for a great session! Enjoy!


newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn


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