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Welcome Friends!

I am so happy you are here! If you are here that means you want to know the scoop on where things are headed for Danielle Pressley Photography, and I’m so excited to share with you. When I started photographing friends and family back in 2016, I knew capturing the moments that were precious to me sparked my desire to learn and grow a photography business that would not just serve me and my family, but serve others.

My desire to serve others naturally began as I grew in my knowledge around the camera and choosing the best lighting scenarios based on what I have learned along the way. I was lucky enough to serve many families and couples as they desired to document real, raw moments that were going to be a part of their stories, and wow- that means the world that you trusted me with that.

So without further a do I want to share that I will be pivoting from mainly serving couples and families and focusing on serving my Mamas with my new “Luxury Motherhood” Collections and my entrepreneur friends with my “DPP Brands” Collections and partnerships.

Why??? you ask!

As you may know, my oldest son Asher started Kindergarten this year. If you’ve ever sent a child to kindergarten, you know the feelings of the beginnings of letting them spread their wings. And if I’m honest, it was really hard. Dropping your first baby off for school at 7:30 am and picking them up at 2:45pm is ROUGH. I started missing him and looking forward to spending time with him and the family on the weekend….And if you know weddings, you know they are typically weekend events.

Even though I have LOVED serving each and every client & couple, I started feeling a pull to prioritize seeing my family more, after all, it was capturing their moments that started this desire in the beginning. As a mama of 3 little boys myself, I know the challenges and amazing emotions that collide when becoming a mother. From not knowing what I was doing to the lack of sleep, I needed someone that could understand and would be a part of my village. To know what I needed and help with making it happen. As I grew my mama community in serving families as they welcomed a precious little baby into their family, I saw a tired mama doing all the things (with their amazing husbands and families ofcourse) and feeling all the post-partum feelings that come with the Motherhood journey.

I started thinking back to all the things that I wanted to do to capture my sweet new baby as a fresh mama of a newborn. This precious season of new life is the best mix of “I don’t know’s” with the sweet baby coos and I wanted to figure out what exactly would have helped me enjoy taking pictures in this “new” pregnant/ post-partum body more. I remembered wanting to get outfits figured out at the same moment I couldn’t remember which side I last fed on. Who actually has time to think through all those things when you’re busy thinking about the other things like- how to decorate the nursery and what stroller will you buy on the registry. I knew when it was me, I wanted everything to be thought through, because having photos taken is an investment and I wanted to set our family (or myself, let’s be real) up for success. It can feel overwhelming but I don’t want that for YOU! I thought about what I could offer to actually make a difference and it not be just about showing up and taking pictures.

How could I care and love on each DPP Mama to just encourage them in the amazing yet hard job of early Motherhood???

I decided to create a collection that would take all the guess work out of it and show up for my mamas to help them feel cared for and as beautiful as they are. From including a color analysis by Created Colorful (which will empower and encourage you to know your best colors) to professional hair & makeup on the morning of your Newborn Session!! I have also built a client wardrobe that each mama will have exclusive access to when you join the DPP Luxury Motherhood Community!! I know you don’t want to invest in high quality images for them to just live on your computer and phone, so I have created an easy process for you to favorite your tops images that I will carefully put together in your FIRST Heirloom Album to showcase this beautiful journey. You are a QUEEN mama and I want you to know that I see you and am here for you!! I am excited to offer these amazing collections that I truly think will serve you and allow me to make the impact that I desire to make in your journey! My desire is for your moments to feel effortlessly captured so that when they have passed, they remain on the walls of your home through timeless images that will be remembered for generations.

I look forward to welcoming 20 DPP Luxury Mamas for 2023! Apply now here, spots will be limited to allow me to serve with my whole heart!

To my ah-mazing BRANDS!!

Have you been struggling with posting content that is scroll stopping imagery that define you and your brand?

Do you want to showcase your high quality service/offering by high quality imagery instead of your standard iPhone images?

Do you want to develop trust with your photographer to create a consistent imagery for your brand?

It’s time to LEVEL UP! Allow me to take care of your brand images across your website and social media so that you can focus your time in your what ONLY YOU can do! Through my Brand Partnership process, we will work together to establish goals and desires for our time as well as inspiration board and timeline creation to make this experience one you won’t walk away from.

For those who have already entrusted me with your branding imagery, Thank you. Thank you for inviting me in to your journey in elevating the hard work you have been putting in! I see you, as a small business owner, I feel the weight of wearing all the hats. I have absolutely enjoyed empowering YOU as you empower me with your tenacity to make a difference in each area you serve! I have always loved supporting businesses and working together to show off the wonderful things you are doing as you serve your clients day in and day out.

I can’t wait to start this journey with you! It’s an exciting day for Danielle Pressley Photography! I could not be doing what I’m doing without the support of my friends and family as well as YOU– my amazing clients!! I am always honored that you would invite me into such sacred and special times in your lives and I look forward to growing with you!

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