The DPP Luxury Motherhood Collection

I am so excited to begin a new chapter in my business and serve my Mama Clients in a better & deeper way. Until now, my Motherhood sessions have been amazing, but I left wanting to give MORE. I started to think about all the ways in which I wanted to be loved and served when I had a fresh new baby in the house. There are so many things that I felt would give a mama a boost of confidence and empowerment that could only could come from creating a unique experience that would leave my mamas feeling CARED for. Insert the DPP Motherhood Collection where I take these precious photographs and styling off your hands and give you back your time to laugh, play and snuggle your people.

I hope you will allow me to enter into this sacred time so that you can just enjoy it and soak it in, because we all know time is a thief. Offering my Motherhood Collections will provide just what a tired mama needs, a chance to breathe deep and enjoy her baby.

My first Mama to be introduced to my DPP Luxury Motherhood Family is Ashley. Ashley, Matt and her two precious boys- almost three 😉 became our neighbors when we moved to Wake Forest, NC. We had an instant connection as we laugh and cry over being boy mamas. Some days are tough breaking up wrestling matches while other days are absolutely amazing as superhero costumes and forts fill the days. I was so excited to bring them out to one of my favorite places to capture this special season before welcoming their baby boy in October! Ashley is wearing one of the DPP Client wardrobe gowns and we call her “Vintage Snow” that you can access when you join the DPP Mama community!

I am so excited to move into the Newborn Season with them so soon! Stay tuned!

“We had such a wonderful experience capturing once in a lifetime memories as a family with Danielle! We left the session filled with excitement and gratitude for her talent and compassion for our family and little ones during our time together. We are over the moon with all of the gorgeous photos and can’t wait to work more with her in the future as our family grows.” – Ashley M.

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